API “palooza” — Connecting Any API To Alteryx In Minutes
By Jeff Carr
May 18, 2021

Catch us at Alteryx Inspire this week!

This Thursday and Friday we’ll be showing you how to unleash the power of Alteryx on thousands of APIs.

API “palooza’ — Connecting any API to Alteryx in minutes 

Summary: Alteryx is amazing. Prep, blend, clean, predict and so much more. But connecting to web APIs and tabulating nested JSON can add complexity and slow us down. As businesses adopt more and more SaaS applications the demand for insights, data warehousing and integration with Web APIs increases exponentially. Hubspot, Shopify, SAP Ariba, Zoho Inventory, Shoplogix, Bullhorn, Google Search Console, Facebook Ads. The list goes on forever. In this breakout session we teach you how to use Precog to unleash the power of Alteryx on thousands of Web APIs with simple, super-fast workflows. Empowering you to get the insights you need in minutes.

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