About Precog

Here’s a peek at the team that’s hard at work behind the scenes. Contact us with any questions about what we can do for you and your data.

What We Do

Precog is rethinking what’s possible with complex data transformation. Data has become increasingly large and complex, end users have been cutoff, and the data engineer has become paramount. Precog is changing this and giving access and control back to the end users and business teams.

Our solution is a huge leap forward in data transformation and preparation. It’s not just another variation of some open source project, it’s the biggest change in data thinking in 30 years. Our team of world class developers and mathematicians is building technology unlike anything else in the market today. Based on our unique and powerful mathematical foundation, MRA (Multi-dimensional Relational Algebra), our solutions are changing how users gain value from data.

Built by a global team spanning four countries, and supported by our customers and partners we will continue to push the boundaries of both ease of use and hyper performance for transforming massive complex data sets into ready to use analytic data tables for any application.

Leadership Team


Alissa Pajer

Alissa is the Chief Technical Officer


Mike Corbisiero

Mike is the Chief Operations Officer


Becky Conning

Becky is the Chief Product Officer


Jeff Carr

Jeff is the Chief Executive Officer

Meet the rest of the team


Maxim Zimaliev

Maxim is an engineer


Emrys Ingersoll

Emrys is an engineer


Gary Burgess

Gary is an engineer


Nic Flores

Nic is an engineer


Rintcius Blok

Rintius is an engineer

Solutions Architect

Wes Umemura

Wes is a solutions architect


Gary Rinedollar

Gary handles our OEM business

VP Strategic Accounts

Jeff Sanders

Jeff handles key accounts


Mike Bosch

Mike handles our business in ANZ and Asia

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