Intelligent Data Loader

The world’s first and only AI powered data loading and transformation solution. Precog understands your data regardless of source, size, or structure instantly and can load it directly into your Data Warehouse, DB, or BI / Data Science tool.

Any Source

Structured or un-structured data (RDBMS, JSON, CSV), MongoDB, SaaS data, Social and Marketing data, S3, web API’s and more.

Any User

Easily prepare analytics-ready tables from any data with our point-and-click UI – NO CODING required ever, even for complex JSON. With Precog the user experience never changes regardless of the data complexity

Any Destination

Stream your data tables directly to Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, SQL Server, ThoughtSpot, PowerBI, Alteryx or anywhere – automatically.

Simple. Fast. Correct.


ETL tools make you build complex data pipelines, manually restructuring data to fit the vendor-specific needs of your technologies. Precog does exactly what you need, simply, correctly, fast, without forcing you to deal with any data complexities.