Precog vs CDATA

Tired of buying individual connectors for each data source and BI solution?  Tired of paying annual maintenance fees? Precog is a universal connector platform. All sources, all BI/ML tools in a single low cost platform.  Fast, flexible, resilient streaming connectors to all your data sources

A modern approach to data connectors

Precog Connector Platform CDATA
Single platform for all data sources Individual connectors for all data sources
Consistent, fast streaming connectors to all your data sources  Performance and accuracy will vary greatly between data sources
Self service analytic access to any SaaS API in minutes Purchase new connectors for each new API data source
Supports dozens of BI tools, Data Warehouses, and ML tools out of the box You need to purchase individual connectors for each DW, BI tool and ML tool 
Automatically picks up custom fields in your SaaS applications and adds them to tables If you have custom fields for apps like Hubspot it will not add them to your tables
Create the exact tables you need and easily modify them on the fly as needed Can’t change the tables without writing new code
Single flexible platform for deploying and managing 1000’s of data sources and destinations Individual connectors that require individual maintenance and updates. 
Cost effective, predictable costs, maintenance included Each connector is priced differently, and each requires its own maintenance. 
Uses standard column names derived from the data when creating tables Use proprietary column names locking you into their technology
Minutes to hours for entirely new connector at no additional cost and zero coding Days to weeks to hand code new connectors and each one is additional cost


Frequently Asked Questions

Does Precog require me to write code or complex non-standard queries to access my data?

No, Precog never requires coding or manual queries. Its a purely visual UX that works with any data structure

How is Precog different from existing ETL/ELT tools?

Precog treats all data the same, so the user experience never changes based on the data structure. JSON, Relational Data, CSV are all first class citizens and we let users work easily with all formats. You will never need to drop into a command line or programmatic interface to manually parse or transform data.

Why is Precog able to handle all data formats?

Precog is based on a novel mathematical engine called MRA that can work with any data regardless of structure or dimensionality. You can read more about MRA here.

Do I need to be a Data Engineer or programmer to use Precog

No, Precog can be used by any user and requires no programming or complex query languages to use it. Its a purely visual user interface.

Do I need to load all my data into Precog before I can use it?

Precog is a streaming solution and does not need to pre-load or store your data. It connects to the data source, lets users define the data/tables they want loaded then it streams them directly to the destination.

Does Precog reply on ODBC or JDBC for data transfer and loading?

Precog does not rely on ODBC or JDBC for loading data? It leverages optimal native methods to push data into the destination you designate. It will use the best native method possible.

Precog fills a huge gap in the business analytics arena by dramatically simplifying the movement of data. Anyone serious about enabling business analysts and data scientists via self-service data should consider this product for their toolkit.

Jim Gallo

VP Business Analytics & Strategy | g2go

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