OEM & Embedded
Data Loader

Embed the Precog Data Loader Into Your Application,
SaaS solution or Workflow

Flexible, cost effective access to thousands of data sources in a single easy to use solution

Help your customers access more data

  • Access API’s, NoSQL DB’s, Log data, IoT data and more instantly
  • Create new data connectors in minutes
  • Automatically understands all the data and relationships
  • No custom code for each connector
  • Create the exact tables needed in minutes
  • Load data directly via streaming to any Data Warehouse, DB or BI/DS tool

Offer your customers a radically simple data exploration tool

  • Instantly explore any data without prior knowledge of the format, fields or relationships.
  • Works on all data regardless of of source, size or structure
  • Simple browser based exploration
  • Precog understands all data relationships and presents this in simple to view

Radically reduce cost and complexity

  • Easily create new connectors in with zero coding
  • Consistent user experience regardless of data source
  • Create and maintain thousands of data source connectors easily
  • Allow users to customize their connectors and user experience

Precog Works With Your Solution

Deployment options include Docker, Kubernetes or Desktop integrations. Fully branded to match you application or SaaS solution

Add to SaaS solution

Precog can be branded and added to any SaaS application or solution in less than 1 day. It runs in your existing SaaS infrastructure and works with your authentication method. 

Native integration with your software solution

Precog can be integrated into existing on-premise solutions as either a desktop or server based solution. Its lightweight and self contained with minimal external dependencies. Precog can add instant value to any analytic tool by allowing users to access thousands of new data sources without any IT or Data Engineering support.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Precog require me to write code or complex non-standard queries to access my data?

No, Precog never requires coding or manual queries. Its a purely visual UX that works with any data structure

How is Precog different from existing ETL/ELT tools?

Precog treats all data the same, so the user experience never changes based on the data structure. JSON, Relational Data, CSV are all first class citizens and we let users work easily with all formats. You will never need to drop into a command line or programmatic interface to manually parse or transform data.

Why is Precog able to handle all data formats?

Precog is based on a novel mathematical engine called MRA that can work with any data regardless of structure or dimensionality. You can read more about MRA here.

Do I need to be a Data Engineer or programmer to use Precog

No, Precog can be used by any user and requires no programming or complex query languages to use it. Its a purely visual user interface.

Do I need to load all my data into Precog before I can use it?

Precog is a streaming solution and does not need to pre-load or store your data. It connects to the data source, lets users define the data/tables they want loaded then it streams them directly to the destination.

Does Precog reply on ODBC or JDBC for data transfer and loading?

Precog does not rely on ODBC or JDBC for loading data? It leverages optimal native methods to push data into the destination you designate. It will use the best native method possible.

Precog fills a huge gap in the business analytics arena by dramatically simplifying the movement of data. Anyone serious about enabling business analysts and data scientists via self-service data should consider this product for their toolkit.

Jim Gallo

VP Business Analytics & Strategy | g2go

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