Tired of buying or building individual “connectors” for popular SaaS API’s or any new analytic data source?

Precog will instantly add access to thousands of new data connectors as analytic ready tables through our ELT platform.

Flexible, cost effective access to all the data sources you need in a single easy to use ELT solution.

Help your customers access more data

  • Access SaaS API’s, Public API’s, IoT data and more instantly
  • Automatically understands all the data and relationships
  • No custom code for each connector
  • Load SQL ready tables into Snowflake, BigQuery, SQL Server, Postgres, SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP HANA, or Kafka.

Offer your customers a radically simple data exploration tool

  • Instantly explore any dataset without prior knowledge of the format, fields or relationships.
  • Works on all data regardless of source, size or structure
  • Simple browser based exploration
  • Precog understands all data relationships and presents this in simple to view data browser 

Radically reduce cost and complexity

  • Consistent user experience regardless of data source