Precog delivers AI-Driven ELT to Snowflake ecosystem as certified partner
By Jeff Carr
November 16, 2023

Precog has completed the rigorous Snowflake integration testing and is now a certified Snowflake integration partner.

Snowflake’s 8500+ customers now have access to Precog’s 2000+ AI-powered connectors — including the ability to add new API data sources in a day.

According to Precog CEO, Jeff Carr, the timing was right — and the opportunity for AI-driven data transformation is here. Rather than relying on slow brittle manual coding, Precog uses advanced AI and machine learning to auto generate entirely new API connectors in a matter of hours. To learn more about how it works click here.

“Existing ELT vendors don’t support the range of applications that Snowflake customers expect — and that they need,” said Carr.

Well-established ELT vendors support around 200 SaaS data sources. This just isn’t enough to serve the market needs.

CIOs and analytics leaders in Healthcare, Manufacturing, Energy, Government, Marketing, HR, IoT, Automotive, and more are dealing with data reporting projects that include sources well beyond the capabilities of current mainstream ELT vendors. The common connectors offered by vendors like Fivetran cover only a fraction of what companies need today.

“Precog is filling a massive gap for advanced ELT integrations to cloud applications used by major companies,” said Carr. We even provide solutions for custom application APIs that other vendors won’t even attempt to solve. One example is Formant Technologies, a cloud solution that helps companies manage their robotic fleets. Precog’s AI approach made it easy to create an ELT integration to their API quickly and efficiently with no coding.

“Precog makes it super simple for us to get data into Snowflake. It eliminated the need for custom code and complex ETL. It allowed us to focus 100% on our analytics solution for our clients and not on data integration.”
– Aaron Boswell,

Existing vendors have poor support for healthcare applications (i.e., Cerner, EPIC, Athena), energy applications (Enverus, EnergyLink), HR applications (ADP, Paycor, Coupa, UGK), security (Cloudfront, Crowdstrike, AWS Security Hub), Cloud ERP’s (Acumatica, Epicor, ServiceTitan). They also have very limited support for the SAP ecosystem, including Ariba, SuccessFactors, Concur, Fieldglass, and others.

“We needed to find something that was easy — that could do all the hard work and heavy lifting for us. And it had to be reliable and affordable as well. That’s what we found in Precog.”
Ibrahim Khan, Snowflake Gelato

Precog delivers analytics-ready for Snowflake users, intelligent data pipelines from any SaaS API — full SQL schemas, primary key detection, incremental loading, auto schema detection, auto type detection, and scheduling. Everything you need to load analytics-ready data into Snowflake.

With its AI-powered approach, Precog can also offer support for new sources within 24 hours. Precog connectors aren’t hand-coded; in fact, an entire connector has no code at all. It’s simply a configuration file that drives the advanced Precog AI process.

“Being able to add support for new sources in a day has been the highlight for our customers — they come to us expecting long lead times and expensive consulting bills. But when you have AI on your side, it’s easy to help companies access all their SaaS data.”


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