SAP Ariba Total Spend Analysis with Precog
By Alissa Pajer
December 7, 2020
Precog is excited to announce support for SAP Ariba! Using Precog, you can now access your SAP Ariba data in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud, Snowflake, Redshift, Power BI, Tableau, and more! Whether you’re a sourcing or procurement manager looking to reduce total spend or a data analyst discovering spending trends, Precog gives you access to your Ariba data where and when you need it.

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Precog’s goal is to put all spend data in the hands of the people who are creating the reports and making the decisions. Using Precog, you can combine Ariba sourcing and procurement data for suppliers, vendors, and contractors with Ariba invoice and receipt data to create a full picture of total spend within your organization. With access to this Ariba data, you can collect information relevant to financial KPIs such as gross profit margin and year-over-year revenue growth. Precog’s built-in Ariba support helps you determine how to reduce costs, minimize risk, and deliver more value to your business.

Precog gives everyone in your organization access to the Ariba data they need in order to make fully-informed business decisions. So how does it work? In order to use Precog to access your Ariba data, you simply need to create a new Application in the Ariba Developer Portal. Once you create this Application, you’ll be provided with an OAuth Client Id, an OAuth Secret, an API Key, and a Realm. Enter this information into Precog to configure access to your SAP Ariba data. And that’s it! You’ve configured your first Precog data source.

The next step is to select and configure a destination. This destination is where you will store or analyze your Ariba data. Precog supports all the major data lakes, data warehouses, and data analysis tools. Once you’ve configured your destination, you can load your analytics-ready Ariba tables and immediately gain new insights into your data.

Under the covers, Precog connects to all the Ariba APIs, including the Ariba Operational Reporting for Procurement API, the Ariba Operational Reporting for Sourcing API, the Ariba Analytical Reporting API, and the Ariba Supplier Data API. Here are a few examples of tables that Precog automatically creates.

Precog automatically handles all aspects of connecting to the Ariba APIs. Precog makes the OAuth authentication requests, ensuring you have a secure connection to the data. Then, once authenticated, Precog will automatically make all the required requests to load your Ariba data into your destination. As an example, let’s consider the asynchronous Job Results API. Precog will first request all the view templates for your realm. This is often a paginated dataset, so Precog will iterate through the pages ensuring that all data is retrieved. Then for each view template, Precog will submit a new job. Each job itself returns paginated results, so Precog automatically loops over each page, thereby requesting all data about each view template. When each job status is complete, Precog retrieves the data, making it available to you immediately in your data warehouse or analytics tool.

Precog is excited to partner with SAP Ariba so that you can gain insight into your total spend, perform spend analysis, and make decisions based on all the available data.

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