JSON to Insights: Joining Datasets with Precog
By Jeff Carr
December 9, 2019

Joining datasets with Precog

Precog shows us that in the adverse events dataset, drug characterizations are denoted as numbers. These numbers represent whether or not the drug was suspected as causing the adverse reaction or interacting with a suspected drug.

Precog showing drug characterization being denoted as numbers

The meanings of these numbers are described in this table:

We can combine this with the adverse events dataset by using Precog to load both as tables into our analysis software, database or warehouse then joining the two tables together. This will give us the drug characterizations in english, rather than as numbers.

To do this add the dataset as a source, pick the columns then access the results.

Screenshot of Precog showing adding the drug characterizations table as a datasource

When using SQL, Tableau, Looker or ThoughtSpot to analyse the data, we use the “Join” features. When using Power BI we use the “Merge queries” feature.

This straightforward process can be applied to any dataset, allowing us to join data from both tabular and non-tabular datasets as we please. This can be applied to datasources such as relational databases, CSV files, web APIs, NoSQL databases and others.

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