New: Precog Partners With Wasabi To Make Hot Cloud Storage Analytics-Ready
By Jeff Carr
February 11, 2021

We’re excited to announce a new partnership with Wasabi, the cloud storage company that is 80% less expensive and faster than S3 (and no fees for egress or API requests!). Precog makes it radically simple for non-technical users to explore and work with data in Wasabi.

Precog Enables Non-Technical Users To Work with Data In Wasabi

Precog’s no-code solution lets any user ingest data from any data source, including thousands of SaaS applications, APIs, DBs, NoSQL DBs, and more, into their Wasabi account. Non-technical users, for example, can create an analytics-ready data lake in a few clicks — no data engineer or DBA required. Precog also lets users connect their Wasabi accounts directly to any Business Intelligence or Machine Learning tool, including Tableau, PowerBI, Looker, Qlik, DataRobot, and many others.

New Wasabi Features

  • Seamless integration with analytics tools
  • Low-cost, high-performance data storage
  • Instantly load any application or API data into Wasabi without data engineering resources
  • No-code approach for working with all your Wasabi data

Benefits of Using Precog With Wasabi

  • Cost-effective data access for any user
  • Easily load any data into Wasabi
  • Leverage Wasabi performance for fast insights
  • Turn your Wasabi data into an analytics-ready data lake instantly

Learn more about our partnership over at Wasabi: Unify Disparate Sources of Data with Precog & Wasabi


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