All your Ariba spend data analytics ready in minutes

Precog provides a cost effective, zero code solution to access all your Ariba data as analytic ready tables for use with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud or even SAP/Hana.

Users simply connect to the Ariba API with normal user credentials, Precog immediately turns the data into the tables you need in minutes.

The simple yet powerful graphical user interface allows you to simply pick the exact data or tables you need and load them directly where you need them. Precog is easier to use, faster, and more flexible than any other solution available for accessing Ariba spend data.

No coding, complex workflows to build, or complicated set up. Go from raw Ariba data to analytics in under 5 minutes.


Precog for SAP lets users load live data from Ariba, Fieldglass, SuccessFactors, Concur and hundreds of other applications directly into SAP Data Warehouse Cloud and Analytics Cloud. Some key features include:

  Zero coding or complex workflows to set up ever
  Super fast data transfer
  Live connection to your application data, not stale extracts
  Flexible, update tables easily or create entirely new tables in minutes
  Resilient to changes in data
  Highly cost effective compared to other solutions
  On premise OR Cloud options for any environment
  Direct integration with SAP Data Warehouse Cloud, SAP Analytics Cloud and many other analytics tools.


The Ariba source “tile” in the Precog interface. Simply click on this tile and enter your user credentials.


Once you have entered your credentials Precog will display all the available tables from your data in a normal table format ready to use with DWC or any analytics tools.


You can load individual tables into your SAP Data Warehouse Cloud or simply choose to load them all in a single click.


Now you have all your tables in SAP Data Warehouse Cloud. The tables are “live” data directly from the Ariba API, and are always kept up to date with the latest data by Precog.

No more complicated tools to extract data from Ariba, and no more stale CSV extracts. And you can easily modify the tables Precog creates for you in the graphical user interface.

If you need to add columns to an existing table or remove them, Precog makes it simple and fast.

Ready to Start?

Analytics-ready data from any source in 5 minutes.