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The fast and simple way to load data from any source to any destination in minutes with zero coding

What is Precog?

Precog is a no-code solution that allows any user to connect to a wide range of data sources and load the data directly to popular Data Warehouse, DB, or BI / Data Science solutions. It works with any data regardless of source, size or complexity and provides Delta loading capabilities for any data source

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Automatically gets all current and future custom fields from your source
Load all your data from any source
Load all your data into multiple destinations
CDC (Delta loading) for all data sources, even API's
Support8x5 Phone and Email Support24x7 Phone and Email Support
Infinitely large datasets
DeploymentCloudCloud / On Prem / your cloud / private cloud
Analysts and business users can fulfill their own data requests
Streaming data loading or on a schedule
Load data into your data warehouse, database, BI tools, data science tools
Natively connects to data sources with no need to export or stage data
Natively connects to destinations with no need to import data
Highly performant in memory optimized evaluation pipeline
Intuitive data discovery and data transformation
Auto-Scheduling Pipelines
Integrate with Kerberos, Active Directory, Cognito, OAuth and more

How it works

Pick a source, any source

Precog supports hundreds of data sources out-of-the box (SaaS, databases, data lakes and APIs). But even better, anyone can create an entirely new connector to a new source, and with Zero coding ever! Stop chasing lists of connectors.  See our ever-expanding list of sources.

See your data magically appear as tidy tables

Precog’s intelligent data detector understands your data regardless of format and turns it into tidy, named tables. Read more about the underlying mathematical magic.

Access your data
from anywhere

Load your analytics-ready data directly into your favorite BI tool, ML tool or data warehouse in a single click. Precog maintains a live connection to your source data so your data is always fresh. No stale extracts. No maintenance. See our ever-expanding list of destinations.

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