The world's most advanced analytics engine for NoSQL data is now 100% open source!

Modern APIs and apps don't speak in flat, tabular data. They speak JSON.

Precog is the analytics engine that natively handles JSON. It's easy for developers to integrate and comes with a high-level tool called Labcoat that lets data scientists and analysts deeply analyze their data.

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Precog is 100% open source. Download the code and built it to get started today!


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  • JSON Certified

    Precog can store any kind of JSON data, from primitive values, to records, to complex, large documents with lots of nested objects and arrays.

  • No Schema

    Precog does not impose any schema on your data. Every value you store in Precog can be different from every other value.

  • Developer-Friendly

    APIs for everything, including ingest, queries, and security (accounts and API keys); and client libraries for all common languages.

  • Analyst-Friendly

    Build queries on your JSON data with Labcoat (a visual query builder). Do everything from data munging to analytics and machine learning.