Fully Automated Samsara Data Integration

Use Precog’s universal API connector to turn your Samsara data into business-ready data. Start a trial account and have all your account data in a few minutes. Then get to work building custom analytics or apps, machine learning and more.

All of your data

Get access to all of your account data in one simple step. No coding required. 

Sync every 15 min

Sync your data as frequently as every 15 minutes,  schedule it or run it on an as-needed basis.


Dynamic schema

We can access all data supported by an API —  and adapt to changes; we support custom fields, too.

Security & privacy

SOC2 Type II, GDPR, HIPAA compliant and adhere to Industry-standard privacy regulations.

No engineer req'd

We’re cloud-native and pure SaaS  — that means no custom code to manage.


Available Samsara Datasets

Asset Historical Locations
Asset Reefer Specific Stats
Camera Programs
Carrier Proposed Assignments
Data Inputs
Document Types
Driver (active) Safety Score
Driver (deactivated) Safety Score
Driver Hours of Service Sign-Ins and Sign-Outs
Driver Tachograph Active
Driver Tachograph Files
Driver Vehicle Assignments
Drivers (Active)
Drivers (Deactivated)
Drivers Assigned to Vehicles
Equipment Location History
Equipment Stats
Equipment Stats History
Fleet Asset Locations
Fleet Asset Reefers
Fleet Assets (Legacy API)
Fleet Dispatch Routes
Fuel and Energy Efficiency Vehicle Daily Reports
Fuel and Energy Efficiency Vehicle Reports
Historical Data Points for Data Inputs
Hours of Service Clocks
Hours of Service Daily Logs
Hours of Service Logs
IFTA Jurisdiction Reports
IFTA Vehicle Reports
Organization Information
Route Job Updates
Routes Updates
Safety Events
Safety Settings
Trailer Assignments
Trips for Vehicle
User Roles
Vehicle Locations History
Vehicle Safety Score
Vehicle Stats ambientAirTemperatureMilliC
Vehicle Stats auxInput1
Vehicle Stats auxInput10
Vehicle Stats auxInput2
Vehicle Stats auxInput3
Vehicle Stats auxInput4
Vehicle Stats auxInput5
Vehicle Stats auxInput6
Vehicle Stats auxInput7
Vehicle Stats auxInput8
Vehicle Stats auxInput9
Vehicle Stats barometricPressurePa
Vehicle Stats batteryMilliVolts
Vehicle Stats defLevelMilliPercent
Vehicle Stats ecuSpeedMph
Vehicle Stats engineCoolantTemperatureMilliC
Vehicle Stats engineImmobilizer
Vehicle Stats engineLoadPercent
Vehicle Stats engineOilPressureKPa
Vehicle Stats engineRpm
Vehicle Stats engineStates
Vehicle Stats evAverageBatteryTemperatureMilliCelsius
Vehicle Stats evBatteryCurrentMilliAmp
Vehicle Stats evBatteryStateOfHealthMilliPercent
Vehicle Stats evBatteryVoltageMilliVolt
Vehicle Stats evChargingCurrentMilliAmp
Vehicle Stats evChargingEnergyMicroWh
Vehicle Stats evChargingStatus
Vehicle Stats evChargingVoltageMilliVolt
Vehicle Stats evConsumedEnergyMicroWh
Vehicle Stats evDistanceDrivenMeters
Vehicle Stats evRegeneratedEnergyMicroWh
Vehicle Stats evStateOfChargeMilliPercent
Vehicle Stats faultCodes
Vehicle Stats fuelPercents
Vehicle Stats gps
Vehicle Stats gpsDistanceMeters
Vehicle Stats gpsOdometerMeters
Vehicle Stats intakeManifoldTemperatureMilliC
Vehicle Stats nfcCardScans
Vehicle Stats obdEngineSeconds
Vehicle Stats obdOdometerMeters
Vehicle Stats syntheticEngineSeconds
Vehicle Tachograph Files
Vehicles with Faults or Check Lights
And custom reports

Samsara Integrations

  • Qlik
  • SQL Server
  • Kafka
  • Preset
  • Hightouch
  • Google Data Studio
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Apache Superset
  • Tableau
  • Looker
  • Metabase
  • Power BI
  • PostgreSQL
  • SAP Datasphere
  • Snowflake
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Google BigQuery

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we really have all the sources?

Yes, we support all the sources companies need.

Do you price by the row?

No. We provide a no-surprise pricing model.

Do you work with data warehouses and bi solutions?

Yes, we can load data into all popular data warehouses, databases and BI platforms.

Why should I use Precog instead of other solutions?

Precog supports all of your data sources today and in the future. 

Can I customize the data sets or fields I need?

Precog lets you pick the exact data sets you need.

How often can I update my data?

Precog lets you refresh your data from 15 seconds to 24 hours.

Are these sources fully sql-ready pipelines?




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Precog is an important partner for Cured and a critical member of our data stack. The Precog platform has delivered data connectors to necessary data sources other vendors could not or would not, and in a very short timeframe. The product is intuitive, efficient, cost-effective, and doesn&... Read More

Ashmer Aslam - CEO Cured
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Chris Dima - CEO

We welcome Precog to the Alteryx technology partner ecosystem as a partner extending the capabilities of our platform, further simplifying analytics for our customers.

Hakan Soderbom - Director of Technology Alliances

We recognized a need in our customer base to perform advanced analytics on SAP data sets — we performed an extensive evaluation of Precog and chose it as a strategic solution for our go to market needs based on its performance and given their strong strategic relationship with SAP.

Alfredo Poncio - CEO

Precog is the vital tool in our ability to pull data from a variety of business sources quickly and cleanly. Our internal MongoDB backend, as well as other cloud services like Hubspot, were a constant challenge to the business teams desire for reporting data prior to using Precog. With the... Read More

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