Fully Automated Bullhorn Data Integration

Use Precog’s universal API connector to turn your Bullhorn data into business-ready data. Start a trial account and have all your account data in a few minutes. Then get to work building custom analytics or apps, machine learning and more.

All of your data

Get access to all of your account data in one simple step. No coding required. 

Sync every 15 min

Sync your data as frequently as every 15 minutes,  schedule it or run it on an as-needed basis.


Dynamic schema

We can access all data supported by an API —  and adapt to changes; we support custom fields, too.

Security & privacy

SOC2 Type II, GDPR, HIPAA compliant and adhere to Industry-standard privacy regulations.

No engineer req'd

We’re cloud-native and pure SaaS  — that means no custom code to manage.

Available Bullhorn Datasets

Query ActivityGoal
Query ActivityGoalConfiguration
Query ActivityGoalTarget
Query Appointment
Query AppointmentAttendee
Query AppointmentEditHistory
Query AppointmentEditHistoryFieldChange
Query BillableChargeEditHistory
Query BillableChargeEditHistoryFieldChange
Query Branch
Query BusinessSector
Query Candidate
Query CandidateCertification
Query CandidateCertificationEditHistory
Query CandidateCertificationEditHistoryFieldChange
Query CandidateCertificationRequirement
Query CandidateCertificationRequirementEditHistory
Query CandidateCertificationRequirementEditHistoryFieldChange
Query CandidateEducation
Query CandidateFileAttachment
Query CandidateHistory
Query CandidateReference
Query CandidateReferenceQuestion
Query CandidateReferenceResponse
Query CandidateSource
Query CandidateTaxInfo
Query CandidateWorkHistory
Query Category
Query Certification
Query CertificationFileAttachment
Query CertificationGroup
Query CertificationRequirement
Query CertificationRequirementStatusLookup
Query ChipLayout
Query ChipLayoutOption
Query ChipLayoutOptionField
Query ChipLayoutOptionTypeLookup
Query ChipLayoutPositionLookup
Query ClientContact
Query ClientContactFileAttachment
Query ClientContactHistory
Query ClientCorporation
Query ClientCorporationAppointment
Query ClientCorporationCertification
Query ClientCorporationCustomObject19EditHistory
Query ClientCorporationCustomObject1EditHistory
Query ClientCorporationCustomObjectEditHistoryFieldChange
Query ClientCorporationCustomObjectInstance
Query ClientCorporationEditHistory
Query ClientCorporationEditHistoryFieldChange
Query ClientCorporationFileAttachment
Query ClientCorporationHistory
Query ClientCorporationNote
Query ClientCorporationTask
Query CorpFile
Query CorporateUser
Query CorporationDepartment
Query Country
Query CustomAction
Query CustomEntity
Query CustomEntityType
Query Deduction
Query DeductionCategoryLookup
Query Department
Query DirectDepositAccount
Query DirectDepositAccountTypeLookup
Query DocumentDataFlowback
Query EmployeePay
Query EmployerContribution
Query EntityFieldTypeLookup
Query EntityTypeLookup
Query EstaffMappableFlowback
Query GoalTarget
Query HousingComplex
Query HousingComplexAmenity
Query HousingComplexFurnitureDelivery
Query HousingComplexUnit
Query HousingComplexUtilityAccount
Query Issue
Query IssueItems
Query IssueResolutionStatusLookup
Query JobBoardPost
Query JobOrder
Query JobOrderCustomObjectEditHistoryFieldChange
Query JobOrderCustomObjectInstance
Query JobOrderEditHistory
Query JobOrderEditHistoryFieldChange
Query JobOrderFileAttachment
Query JobOrderHistory
Query JobOrderRateCard
Query JobOrderRateCardEditHistory
Query JobOrderRateCardEditHistoryFieldChange
Query JobOrderRateCardEffectiveDateChange
Query JobOrderRateCardLine
Query JobOrderRateCardLineGroup
Query JobOrderRateCardVersion
Query JobOrderTemplate
Query JobShiftOfferContext
Query JobSubmission
Query JobSubmissionCertificationRequirement
Query JobSubmissionCertificationRequirementEditHistory
Query JobSubmissionCertificationRequirementEditHistoryFieldChange
Query JobSubmissionEditHistory
Query JobSubmissionEditHistoryFieldChange
Query JobSubmissionHistory
Query Lead
Query LeadHistory
Query Location
Query LocationEditHistory
Query LocationEditHistoryFieldChange
Query LocationEffectiveDateChange
Query LocationVersion
Query MappedEntityConfigurationEditHistory
Query MappedEntityConfigurationEditHistoryFieldChange
Query Note
Query NoteEntity
Query Opportunity
Query OpportunityCustomObject
Query OpportunityCustomObjectEditHistoryFieldChange
Query OpportunityCustomObjectInstance
Query OpportunityEditHistory
Query OpportunityEditHistoryFieldChange
Query OpportunityFileAttachment
Query OpportunityHistory
Query PayableChargeEditHistory
Query PayableChargeEditHistoryFieldChange
Query PayCheck
Query PayrollEmployeeTypeLookup
Query PayrollSyncStatusLookup
Query Person
Query PersonCustomObjectEditHistory
Query PersonCustomObjectEditHistoryFieldChange
Query PersonCustomObjectInstance
Query Placement
Query PlacementCertification
Query PlacementCertificationEditHistory
Query PlacementCertificationEditHistoryFieldChange
Query PlacementChangeRequest
Query PlacementChangeRequestEditHistory
Query PlacementChangeRequestEditHistoryFieldChange
Query PlacementCommission
Query PlacementCommissionEditHistory
Query PlacementCommissionEditHistoryFieldChange
Query PlacementCustomObjectEditHistory
Query PlacementCustomObjectInstance1
Query PlacementCustomObjectInstance10
Query PlacementCustomObjectInstance2
Query PlacementCustomObjectInstance3
Query PlacementCustomObjectInstance4
Query PlacementCustomObjectInstance5
Query PlacementCustomObjectInstance6
Query PlacementCustomObjectInstance7
Query PlacementCustomObjectInstance8
Query PlacementCustomObjectInstance9
Query PlacementEditHistory
Query PlacementEditHistoryFieldChange
Query PlacementFileAttachment
Query PlacementRateCard
Query PlacementRateCardChangeRequestStatusLookup
Query PlacementRateCardEditHistory
Query PlacementRateCardEditHistoryFieldChange
Query PlacementRateCardEffectiveDateChange
Query PlacementRateCardLine
Query PlacementRateCardLineGroup
Query PlacementRateCardVersion
Query Report
Query SalesQuota
Query Sendout
Query Shift
Query ShiftSetting
Query ShiftSharedSchedule
Query Skill
Query Specialty
Query State
Query Task
Query TaskEditHistory
Query TaskEditHistoryFieldChange
Query Tearsheet
Query TearsheetMember
Query TearsheetRecipient
Query TextUsMessageLog
Query TextUsSenderServiceLookup
Query TimeUnit
Query UserDepartmentGrouping
Query UserEditHistory
Query UserEditHistoryFieldChange
Query UserHousingComplexUnit
Query UserPulseCallLog
Query UserPulseCallLogContact
Query UserType
Query WorkersCompensation
Query WorkersCompensationRate
Query ZipCodeGis
Search Candidate Flat
Search Candidate Full
Search Candidate Full 2023
Search Note ListRow
And custom reports

Bullhorn Integrations

  • SAP (BW)
  • Qlik
  • SQL Server
  • Kafka
  • Preset
  • Hightouch
  • Google Data Studio
  • SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Apache Superset
  • Tableau
  • Looker
  • Metabase
  • Power BI
  • PostgreSQL
  • SAP Datasphere
  • Snowflake
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Google BigQuery

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we really have all the sources?

Yes, we support all the sources companies need.

Do you price by the row?

No. We provide a no-surprise pricing model.

Do you work with data warehouses and bi solutions?

Yes, we can load data into all popular data warehouses, databases and BI platforms.

Why should I use Precog instead of other solutions?

Precog supports all of your data sources today and in the future. 

Can I customize the data sets or fields I need?

Precog lets you pick the exact data sets you need.

How often can I update my data?

Precog lets you refresh your data from 15 seconds to 24 hours.

Are these sources fully sql-ready pipelines?


From Our Customers


We chose to use Precog because they were the only company willing to handle our complex data connections. Since the beginning, it has been one of those tools that just works solidly and reliably.

Derek Binkley - Engineering Manager

The Precog platform has delivered data connectors to necessary data sources other vendors could not or would not, and in a very short timeframe.

Ashmer Aslam - CEO Cured
Walnut St. Labs

Precog lets us prototype analytics projects quickly — building marketing dashboards based on data from a variety of sources — without needing a data engineer or developer.

Chris Dima - CEO

We welcome Precog to the Alteryx technology partner ecosystem as a partner extending the capabilities of our platform, further simplifying analytics for our customers.

Hakan Soderbom - Director of Technology Alliances

We recognized a need in our customer base to perform advanced analytics on SAP data sets. We chose Precog based on its performance and its strong strategic relationship with SAP.

Alfredo Poncio - CEO

Precog is a vital tool — it gives us the ability to pull data from a variety of business sources quickly and cleanly.

Josh Wilsie - VP