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Precog offers an easy one-click cloud app, as well as enterprise options, including AWS and GCP.

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Why purchase Precog?

  • Cost-effective access to thousands of new data sources.
  • Reduce hours of work to minutes!
  • Eliminate the need to learn Python and other programming languages.
  • Works with all BI tools and Data Warehouse solutions
  • Empower Data Science solutions like DataRobot, Alteryx, Tensorflow & more.
  • Instantly perform complex data engineering tasks with ease.


Jim Gallo

VP – Business Analytics & Strategy

Precog fills a huge gap in the business analytics arena by dramatically simplifying the movement of data. Anyone serious about enabling business analysts and data scientists via self-service data should consider this product for their toolkit.

Patrik Berggren

Data Scientist
Gold Town Games AB

Given our experience, we approached Precog with skepticism, but to our surprise Precog lives up its word; and now we have a working analytic environment in Google BigQuery.

Fred Cook


Precog lets us quickly build complicated dashboards and BI queries without being constrained by our MongoDB schema. The Precog team provided expert support in recommending how to fit Precog into our BI system and helped every step of the way.

How it works

Pick a source, any source

Precog supports hundreds of data sources out-of-the box (SaaS, databases, data lakes and APIs). But even better, anyone can create an entirely new connector to a new source, and with Zero coding ever! Stop chasing lists of connectors.  See our ever-expanding list of sources.

See your data magically appear as tidy tables

Precog’s intelligent data detector understands your data regardless of format and turns it into tidy, named tables. Read more about the underlying mathematical magic.

Access your data
from anywhere

Load your analytics-ready data directly into your favorite BI tool, ML tool or data warehouse in a single click. Precog maintains a live connection to your source data so your data is always fresh. No stale extracts. No maintenance. See our ever-expanding list of destinations.