Precog Opens New Era of Analytics By Providing over 6,000 Analytic ready Connectors for Power BI, Tableau, Qlik, Looker
By Jeff Carr
June 2, 2021

Precog, a no-code data integration solution, announced today that it has surpassed 6,000 data source connectors supporting any BI or Data Warehouse solution

Precog, a no-code data integration software provider, announced today that it has surpassed 6,000 data sources which can all be accessed directly from Power BI, Tableau, Looker, Google Data Studio, Qlik, or loaded directly into any Data Warehouse including Snowflake, Redshift, Avalanche, Big Query and more.

“Precog has flipped the data integration problem,” said Jeff Carr, Precog’s co-founder and CEO. “Precog lets users connect to any source and discovers the structure of the underlying data — it then creates analytic ready tables, all without human intervention.” Existing solutions are pre-coded to a schema, which can often take weeks, and will miss custom fields in sources like Salesforce, Hubspot, or Ariba. The Precog AI engine intelligently discovers ALL the data and quickly and accurately tabulates it into SQL ready tables the user expects.

Precog’s list of available sources is currently at 6,135. Precog, however, posits that the source list is infinite.

“We can’t add sources fast enough,” said Carr. The underlying technology is agnostic — so any API, for example, is now a source. Any database, any data lake… the era of managing individual connectors, of mapping data — it’s over. The business user is now able to get direct access to any data source in minutes.”

Precog was founded in 2020 and is based in Boulder, CO. It provides solutions to enterprise customers such as SAP, Actian, Cisco,, Flatfile, as well as partner solution providers like SME Solutions and Nous Solutions. It’s also a favorite among developers who use Precog to simplify data integration and improve time to value for their analytics teams.

“Our customers are often surprised by our model,” said Mike Corbisiero, Precog’s COO and co-founder. “Most companies price by connector — Precog, a universal data connector, is one solution — you buy it and can use it everywhere.”

Walnut St. Labs, a marketing and analytics firm based in West Chester, PA, uses Precog to streamline projects for its clients.

“Precog lets us prototype analytics projects quickly — building marketing dashboards based on data from a variety of sources — without needing a data engineer or developer,” said Chris Dima, the firm’s CEO. “We create new data sources in a few hours to sources like Brightlocal, a popular local SEO SaaS solution, and had our data instantly.”

The firm also said that Precog is providing the foundation for its next-generation SaaS analytics service — “BYOBI” — or “bring your own BI”. “Our SaaS clients want to monetize their data,” said Dima, “and Precog provides instant data access from any BI tool — an elegantly simple way to for our SaaS customers to add a new revenue stream and drive deeper usage.”


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With the constant explosion of new data sources and applications, both public and private, the old way doesn’t scale, period. What does scale is Precog’s concept of “just-in-time data sources.”

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Precog delivers on the dream of simple data architecture that is roaring across the world. Precog solves all these problems, keeping your warehouse up to date with all the data you need and making the ELT dream a reality.

Venkatarama Cherukupalli
Walnut St. Labs

Precog lets us prototype analytics projects quickly — building marketing dashboards based on data from a variety of sources — without needing a data engineer or developer — we create new data sources in a few hours to sources like Brightlocal, a popular local SEO SaaS solution, and h... Read More

Chris Dima - CEO

We welcome Precog to the Alteryx technology partner ecosystem as a partner extending the capabilities of our platform, further simplifying analytics for our customers.

Hakan Soderbom - Director of Technology Alliances

Enterprises struggle to understand and trust the data sources powering their business analyses,” said Jon Loyens, co-founder and chief product officer at “Adding ways to integrate sources to our catalog introduces more flexibility to our users, increasing their efficiency a... Read More

Jon Loyens - Co-Founder and CPO

We recognized a need in our customer base to perform advanced analytics on SAP data sets — we performed an extensive evaluation of Precog and chose it as a strategic solution for our go to market needs based on its performance and given their strong strategic relationship with SAP.

Alfredo Poncio - CEO

Precog changed the game for us — instead of grueling data integration work, Precog offers a ‘connect and go’ experience — this allows us to reallocate resources to our product and our customers.

Sam Darawish - CEO

Precog is the vital tool in our ability to pull data from a variety of business sources quickly and cleanly. Our internal MongoDB backend, as well as other cloud services like Hubspot, were a constant challenge to the business teams desire for reporting data prior to using Precog. With the... Read More

Josh Wilsie - VP