Precog Enables Tableau Customers to Access 1000s More Data Sources
By Jeff Carr
June 24, 2020

The latest release of Precog AI-powered Data Loader has enhanced support for Tableau and Tableau Data Prep, allowing end users unprecedented access to 1000s more data sources, including SaaS applications, IoT data, databases like MongoDB, DynamoDB, CosmoDB, and cloud object stores like AWS S3. Also, virtually any API can be added as a source — all without without any coding or complex queries to write or maintain.

It’s this simple: Connect > Create Table > Load to Tableau

Here’s a sample of the sources you can now access in Tableau:

Any API Into Tableau?

While Precog is preconfigured for lots of data sources, the real power is the “Web URL/API” option. This lets a Tableau user add in virtually any web API they want. So industry specific API’s for healthcare, financial services, or energy can be added in minutes.

Speed to Insight

Users can be up and running on Precog in a matter of minutes, connect live to virtually any source of data and start building tables for use in Tableau, all without any coding or complex queries to write. These tables can be imported into Tableau Data prep or directly into Tableau Data Engine for analysis, and with Precog the data can easily be refreshed from the source.

Why This Is A Big Deal

Tableau built its business on ease of use and empowering end users. However today with the explosion of new data sources and complexity data curation has become the sticking point for many users. They rely heavily on data engineering teams to provide them clean structured data sets from sources like SaaS API’s, NoSQL DB’s and more. Sure many popular API’s offer “connectors”, think Salesforce, Hubspot, etc. But many sources don’t, or maybe the connectors are expensive, or require lots of configuration to set up. With Precog, this single tools lets end users connect to virtually any data source and build the exact tables they need. Prebuilt connectors typically just give you a bunch of tables they “think” you might want, the user then has to sift through them and find the data they actually need. Precog lets you build the exact table you need directly from the source data, in minutes, with zero code.

How do I get started with Precog for Tableau?

Simple, just fill out the Request trial form below to get started, make sure to note its for Tableau. Once you have the trial is just a few clicks to install, then add the H2 Driver when prompted in the screen below and you are ready to start accessing tons of new and previously off limits data sources and using them directly in Tableau or Tableau Data Prep.

It’s all about data!

For anyone serious about analytics access to new data sources is critical. Waiting for Data Engineering to provision new sources from API’s or Data Lakes or SaaS applications slows down results. Precog lets Tableau users access tons of new data sources directly and start working with the data right away, and the data is up to date. Time to take your Tableau analytics to 11!



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