Precog Partners with SME
By Jeff Carr
June 4, 2020

Strategic partnership delivers advanced data integration solutions for ThoughtSpot and Qlik users leveraging the Precog AI integration solution

Precog, the company behind the popular Precog solution for transforming and loading complex data for analytics and data science, has partnered with SME Solutions Group, Inc. based in Tampa, Florida.

SME is a leading data integration and solutions company providing advanced analytics solutions in various industries including but not limited to, e-commerce, utilities, financial services, and healthcare. SME focuses on working with large real time data sources and Precog’s ability to work with any data source in a high-performance streaming manner is a great fit.

As a premier ThoughtSpot MSP and a Qlik partner, adding Precog to the SME solution portfolio allows them to deliver solutions faster for their clients and with greater performance and flexibility.

Chris Moyer, President & CEO at SME Solutions Group, Inc recently said “At SME we take pride in vetting and being stingy with any partnerships and products that we choose to engage with. We focus on customer pain points and processes, and we align with enterprise products and solutions that actually work, add value, and provide ROI. We are excited about the partnership with Precog and we know that our customers are excited as well”.

“SME delivers cutting edge real time data and analytics solutions, as such they need a modern leading edge data transformation and loading solution. The innovative Precog technology lets users access thousands of data sources with ease and flexibility which is critical for delivering comprehensive solutions”. said Jeff Carr, Precog Data’s Chairman and cofounder.

The ability of Precog to work with any data source regardless of source, size or data structure was critical for SME and helps them deliver more quickly and with greater agility. The joint partnership also plans to deliver prebuilt solutions with ThoughtSpot and Qlik later in 2020.

About SME Solutions Group, Inc. – SME bridges the gap between product, strategy, execution, and sustainability for our clients while creating a single version of the truth with their data. Through BI, AI, data analytics, machine learning, data governance, data literacy, project management, and process improvement, our goal is to deliver solutions that overcome business challenges. Our Subject Matter Experts are skilled consultants that understand the technologies, numerous industries, and requirements necessary to ensure the successful execution of your business intelligence needs and objectives. 


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Precog delivers on the dream of simple data architecture that is roaring across the world. Precog solves all these problems, keeping your warehouse up to date with all the data you need and making the ELT dream a reality.

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We recognized a need in our customer base to perform advanced analytics on SAP data sets — we performed an extensive evaluation of Precog and chose it as a strategic solution for our go to market needs based on its performance and given their strong strategic relationship with SAP.

Alfredo Poncio - CEO

Precog changed the game for us — instead of grueling data integration work, Precog offers a ‘connect and go’ experience — this allows us to reallocate resources to our product and our customers.

Sam Darawish - CEO

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