Turbocharge Your ThoughtSpot!
By Precog Data
October 8, 2019

ThoughtSpot is an amazing fast growing search analytics and AI driven company that is raising the bar for modern data insights.

Rather than another specialized tool for creating analytics and visualizations that requires days or weeks of training to use, ThoughtSpot makes it as easy as doing a Google search. Just ask the question you want answered in plain language and ThoughtSpot will give you the answer. It?s really the obvious evolution of all analytics. Ask a question, get an answer.

The first time I saw it in action I was blown away. But as a data person I also know what it takes on the back end to make this kind of user experience possible. So like any great new technology it comes with trade offs. Wonderful user experience, but a lengthy effort to implement, and adding new data to ThoughtSpot is not easy in many ways. They do provide mechanisms to add data, but they are technical in nature and IT centric which means users can often be left waiting, or worse they simply can?t use ThoughtSpot whenever they want.

Our mission at Precog has been similar to ThoughtSpot from a user perspective. How do we take something hard and make it very easy for any user of any skill. We applied this thinking to our Precog solution. The result is astounding. A powerful but simple to use solution that lets any user build new tables and push them into ThoughtSpot in a single click. No technical skills of any kind required. It?s the modern evolution of data transformation and integration minus all the technical barriers for end users. The key to Precog is it lets users build the exact tables they need. For ThoughtSpot to shine the solution needs data very clean and well organized. Traditional ETL tools that create and load lots of arbitrary tables when working with complex data won?t work. Users need to be able to get the EXACT data they want into tables. This is where Precog shines and other fail.

Using Precog is as easy as “connect – pick – load – analyze” your data as shown below. No coding, complicated scripts, clunky SSH clients or anything else technical to learn or use:

And Precog works with all your data, regardless of source, size or complexity. Connect to web API?s and Precog lets you build the exact tables you need in minutes, no matter how complex the data. But Precog also works on traditional RDBMS data, modern SaaS, NoSQL data or even log data. The powerful engine behind Precog manages all critical relationships within the data while presenting it to the end user in simple data browser. Its like E-commerce ?shopping? for your data, just pick what you want and Precog makes the exact table you need in a single pass.

Just in time for the ThoughtSpot Beyond user conference next week in Dallas, TX we have released Precog for ThoughtSpot. The solution works in any infrastructure including cloud or on-premise, so even highly secure environments can use it. It can run locally on individual machines, or as a server based solution that can be clustered for massive scale.

We are proud to be a ThoughtSpot Technology Partner helping their users get more from ThoughtSpot. Come by our booth at Beyond for a live demo!

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