JSON, MongoDB and API data

available for analysis within Alteryx in minutes

Precog enables Alteryx Designer users to work easily large and complex data sets. It’s fast, super-scalable and resilient to changes in data

Just download the Macro from the Alteryx Gallery and start using it with Precog in minutes.

Discover and transform your data

  • Add your data source in Precog, browse your data and pick what you’re interested in.
  • Get your results with a single button click.
  • Generates a link to be accessed directly by Alteryx.

Install the Alteryx Macro

  • Simple download and install from the gallery.
  • Allows Precog data to be accessed directly from inside Alteryx
  • Learn more in the Alteryx Community here 

We welcome Precog to the Alteryx technology partner ecosystem as a partner extending the capabilities of our platform, further simplifying analytics for our customers.

Håkan Söderbom

Director of Technology Alliances, Alteryx

Time to Stop
the Delusions

Everywhere you go in the
analytics world today, you’ll hear
the same term repeatedly:
“self-service.” It’s the new hotness.

Self-Service Analytics: